Johnson County is in Phase 1-A of Missouri's vaccination plan. Additionally Johnson County residents interested in being added to a vaccination list and receive updates are encouraged to take the County's COVID-19 vaccination survey.

Missouri has split up vaccination distribution into four phases. Phase 1-A, phase 1-B, phase 2, and phase 3. Phase 1-A, which is happening now, is the vaccination of healthcare workers who work with the public and long term care facility residents and staff. Phase 1-B will vaccinate first responders, essential workers, seniors 65 and older, and high risk individuals. Phase 2 will target populations at increased risk for COVID-19. And phase 3 includes all Missouri residents.

The survey from Johnson County Health Services is a quick 13 question survey. It asks for contact information, along with a couple of general health and employment questions. Questions that I assume are designed to provide enough general knowledge about ones health and employment to place respondents in one of the State's three phases of vaccine distribution. Johnson County residents can fill the survey out here.

Johnson County Community Health Services says:

All residents can anticipate the vaccine being made available in spring or early summer 2021, but this is dependent on vaccine availability.Your vaccine availability will be based on your age, your health and other factors to help protect our high-risk communities.

According to the State of Missouri, "We are committed to providing a free COVID-19 vaccination experience to all Missourians, including those without insurance. No person can be billed for the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination providers may charge an administration fee to insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, if applicable in your situation. Uninsured Missourians will be able to receive the vaccination regardless of their health insurance status."  The State of Missouri has a comprehensive website with much information on the COVID-19 vaccine here.

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