Every Monday and Thursday on Roll Out of Bed with Rob I bring Huntin' Harry in as a guest host for an hour. We call this fun-filled time "KIX For Hicks." Harry gives us some hunting and fishing tips and news, shares his redneck perspective on our various topics, and we play some fun games like "NASCAR Math" and "Are You Smarter Than a Redneck," giving stuff away as prizes. But the one thing that sets KIX For Hicks apart from the rest of the show is how we do the music.

There's no Taylor Swift or Hunter Hayes during this hour. Everything we play is upbeat, rocking party music, usually about trucks, beer, backwoods and good old country fun. Redneck music, if you will. Stuff like Hillbilly Deluxe, Kick It In the Sticks, Bonfire and Hillbilly Bone just to name a few.

We usually just make it up as we go, but I figure our listeners' heads are better than two, so I wanted to ask our listeners to help us assemble the greatest redneck playlist of all time.

What do we need to be playing during KIX For Hicks? Give us your ultimate redneck songs in our survey below!