Self-professed Game of Thrones fan Maren Morris contributed to the upcoming new soundtrack for the fantasy TV series, and her brand-new track "Kingdom of One" debuted on Friday (April 12). Press play above to hear it.

Dreamy yet dark, "Kingdom of One" fits the Game of Thrones aesthetic. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar throughout, Morris sings: "So you wanna play God? / Come on / Is that all you got? / Come on / Did you sell your soul? / Burn it all / Everything that you love finally becomes second to none / In a kingdom of one."

Back in 2014, Morris tweeted about her love for Game of Thrones, writing that she "cannot get enough of" the show.

"That and Breaking Bad may be the best television shows I've ever watched," she added at the time.

Morris' husband, singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd, is also a GoT fan, and the two always watch the show together, "unless we are just out of town and we have to see it,” Morris tells Taste of Country Nights. 

“I’d be really pissed if he watched Game of Thrones without me," she admits.

Morris actually caught Game of Thrones showrunners' attention prior to participating in the show's soundtrack: Earlier in 2019, she received a gift box from the show, containing GoT-branded wine and wine glasses. With a laugh, she admits that she "was geeking out" when the package arrived.

Game of Thrones' final season premieres on HBO Sunday night (April 14), with the soundtrack due out on April 26. In addition to Morris, the soundtrack features former Nashville star Lennon Stella, Ellie Goulding, Mumford & Sons, the Weeknd, X Ambassadors, the National and more.

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