When it comes to passwords, we have a hard time keeping up with the different ones we use for different sites. The whole purpose of passwords are to keep our information safe but hackers just wait for you to make a mistake.

According to an article in Reader's Digest, "Password hacking is in the news with alarming regularity." We try our hardest to come up with passwords that we feel will keep us safe but unfortunately, that's not always the case.

Here's how you can help protect yourself on the internet:

  • Easy to use passwords like birthdays or 1234 are the most common problems when choosing one. Make it difficult for hackers to sneak into your personal stuff by make the password less hackable.
  • Use a mix of numbers and special characters. Make it tough on the hacker but easy for you to remember.
  • We all do this...using the same password for multiple sites. Here's what the folks at rd.com have to say about it:

“Using the same password to log in to every account is a critical mistake that many people make. Even with just one set of log-in credentials, hackers can log into other sites using the same email and password. They, often correctly, assume that users will have the same password across platforms.” —Alex Heid, Chief R&D Officer at Security Scorecard.

So get your passwords updated and make it tougher for those hackers to make your life miseerable.


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