When you move into an area and you're hankering (yes, I said hankering) for a certain food that you were used to eating in your last domicile, it can be tough.

Our new Sedalia/Warrensburg Market President/Chief Revenue Officer, Craig Hahn, moved here from South Carolina. Now any of you that have grown up in the south, you know that grits are a staple. Here in the midwest, maybe not so much.

Craig went to a local eatery Tuesday morning for what he was hoping to be a morning treat as he ordered grits off the menu. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Well, I was warned, but I thought I might get lucky. 🙂. Went to ******* in search of grits. They had them, but unfortunately they hadn’t added water since about 4am, so I cut off a slice with my knife and they were unedible. Maybe I’ll head for Arkansas this weekend.

So my question, other than buying them at a local grocery store, what restaurant in the area serves grits?

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