So is a state wide mask mandate in Missouri's future? It doesn't seem like it is. is reporting that they received an email from the governor's communication director Kelli Jones:

Governor Parson has no intentions to institute a statewide mask mandate.

According to the television station's website, Parson prefers to let local leaders decide whether or not masks should be required in their communities although the Governor encourages Missourians to wear masks.

When it comes to wearing masks, the governor seems to be employing the old parental trick of "do as I say not as I do" since multiple news reports have pointed out that the governor doesn't seem to like wearing a mask himself.

When called out on not wearing a mask Governor Parson told

I’ve worn a mask when I’ve been asked to wear a mask. When there’s a requirement to wear a mask, I wear a mask.

Parson also told he doesn't wear one when he thinks he can social distance, even though that can be difficult because since he's the governor many people approach him in public.

So which is it governor Parson? Do you want Missourians to wear a mask even if you're not going to mandate it? Or, are you really someone who doesn't believe what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the medical community says about masks?

I've been a Missouri resident for a little over a year and Governor Parson is one of the least impressive politicians I've ever experienced. His handling of the coronavirus, in my opinion, has been weak and rudderless. His encouraging Missourians to wear a mask while he exercises his "personal responsibility" by not wearing one, even in situations where it can be hard to social distance because of his job, is conflicting. It certainly makes me think his "encouraging" us to wear masks is just b.s. or public relations.

My question is, if Governor Parson doesn't believe in masks why doesn't he just say so? It's not like there's a bunch of people wearing masks because he's encouraging it. I don't agree with much of what our governor says or does, but I'd respect him more if he grew a spine.

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