So when it comes to surfing the internet, there really are two main options when it comes to your browser.  Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.  I have found that for me, Google Chrome is much easier to use, and that is what I use the most.  I am not an anti-Microsoft guy by any means, I have just found that this option is easier for me to navigate.  I hope you have a solid anti-virus program on your computer. This should be something you are aware of.

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If you use Google Chrome as an internet browser, beware: Your information could be compromised.  Google issued an alert warning billions of Chrome users that the browser has been successfully targeted by hackers, and listed 30 security flaws, including seven deemed to have a “High” threat level.  I have not received one yet, thankfully.  You can read more of this article HERE.

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Chrome users can manually update their browsers through the settings features, but the browsers will automatically update within a few days. To find settings, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the browser and scroll down.  Hopefully this will be addressed soon, and your info will not be compromised.

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