Spring officially arrives on March 20 but the unofficial first sign of Spring is spotting Morel Mushrooms in the area.

If you've never been Morel Mushroom hunting, here's some info from the Missouri Department of Conservation:

  • In late spring, watch for morel mushrooms growing on the ground.  The top or cap looks something like a sponge, with a shape similar to a tiny Christmas tree.
  • Three species are common in our area, so morels will vary in color from gray to tan or yellow.  They come in a variety of sizes, but most average three to four inches tall.
  • Morels seem to pop up overnight!  They usually grow in 24 to 48 hours.  Look for morels in moist woods, river bottoms and on south-facing slopes.  They’re often found near dead elm trees, in old orchards or burned areas.
  • As with any wild edible, be sure you can identify morels before eating them.  Either tag along behind an experienced morel hunter or take a good reference book along on your hunt.

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