Kids, I'm a person who has never really had much luck in the planting department.  I can keep children and animals alive, and for the most part myself.  But for some reason, unless it's a very low maintenance type of thing, I tend to kill plants. 

But the thing is, my mother was very good with plants.  She had all sorts of flowers and ferns and cacti and even some aloe stuff.  She always had plants.  I thought for sure it would be something that I could just pick up.  But apparently not.  I had a plant for a long time, in fact, over two years, but eventually it ended up dying.  They all die.  But, I've decided to take the chance again.  I was inspired not too long ago by a broadcast from Menard's I did, where they were getting ready for all kinds of, you know, grown up things like mulching and caulking.  Stuff I generally have no idea about.

So, this weekend, the urge hit me again, and I took the chance.  I took it with this guy.


This is Steve.  I have already forgotten what kind of plant Steve is, but I don't think I need to know.  I can respect his privacy.  Why I've decided he's a guy, I don't know.  He just is.  I've got some extra soil type stuff, and some fertilizer thingies, and a new pot for him to live in, so I'd like to think he'll be happy in his new abode.

So, what are you going to be doing to spruce up your surroundings for Spring? Are you going to get to do some yardwork?  Do you like it, or do you dislike it?  Take our poll below and let me know.

I personally hope that Steve and I will have a long and happy, yet low maintenance relationship.  I'll also have to be sure to keep him away from the cat.  I think that can be done easily enough.

Springly yours,


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