Who says the news is boring? Yes, sometimes it is not all that exciting, but other times it is as funny as can be. Here are a few hilarious local and statewide news stories.

A man was arrested at a Sedalia Casey's and accused of shoplifting a single can of beer.

A woman at another Sedalia business was accused of putting something in her purse. Police were called. They say the item turned out to be a dill pickle, valued at $1.57.

Sedalia Police responded to a report of an intoxicated man in a store who wouldn’t leave. The man was allegedly drinking beer and eating fish sticks which he did not pay for. According to a Sedalia Police report, the man said he was “having a grand ol’ time in the store,” and admitted to not paying for the items. Police said the suspect also could not remember where he lived. He was taken to the Pettis County Jail.

Former Missouri governor Jay Nixon once tweeted a photo of himself voting on election day. Sitting right next to the governor was a woman whose butt crack was exposed. The tweet was quickly deleted from Governor Nixon’s account, but not before screen shots were captured, and the incident became the butt of all jokes for a couple days.

A Missouri woman claimed to see the likeness of Donald Trump in a tub of vegan butter. The really funny thing? It actually did kind of look like him.

Police in Independence once opened fire on a concrete lawn ornament, believing it to be an alligator.

Hannibal Police were called to City Hall to remove a man… who smelled bad. The man voluntarily left, then entered a nearby business. The business also called police because of the man’s offensive odor, and he was asked to leave that establishment, as well. No arrest was made in the case.

In 2013, a 42-year-old Bowling Green man entered a guilty plea to felony second-degree arson. The man said that he set fire to a home in Louisiana because his wife would not go watch fireworks with him, or answer his phone calls.

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