This weekend my family decided to have some fun and give Frisbee golf a try at the Clover Dell Park. The way the temperatures have been, it was too nice to stay indoors with the 80 degree weather in September.

Clover Dell Park features a free 18-hole Frisbee golf course that was built a few years ago and is pretty well maintained. The course is challenging, but yet family fun for the beginner. Sometimes I felt the flags in the baskets could be higher so you can see them behind trees or some of the trees could be cut back a bit to allow more straighter shots for beginners, but it was still fun.

A few years ago the developers of the course had given us some official Frisbee golf Frisbee. You can buy a 3-piece set at Walmart or Kohls for anywhere from $10 to $20. My daughter decided it was going to be a good idea to use her normal Frisbee. It had been awhile since I used a normal Frisbee on a Frisbee golf course, but after one hole it is easy to see that it is a good idea to get an official Frisbee. The "official" one goes much further and can hang in the air much longer. My daughter changed to the "official" one on the second hole and was able to throw it much further and didn't have the Frisbee blow straight down.

The course is located behind the dog park and across the street from the Clover Dell Park. You can do nine holes or go the full 18 and enjoy the day in the sun. Each hole is well marked by a sign and concrete tee box on the front nine and the back nine has all signs and are a bit more challenging.

I like to think I've come a long way from the days where I played at the Oceans of Fun course, but realize I'm no pro.

The Clover Dell course looks like a lot of trees have started to grow more, which adds to the obstacles and obstruction from the holes, but if you follow the signs and the markers along the way, it makes it a lot easier to complete the holes. Just don't throw the Frisbee into the trees, like I did a few times.

We enjoyed the course and had some fun. I hope to take the family out again for some Frisbee golf in the future. The smiles on the kids faces when they landed the Frisbee into the cages was well worth it. We may have rarely made par, but it was fun all the way around.

Here are some amazing trick shots that shows you what people can do with Frisbee, playing Frisbee golf.