I know I'm not the only one that has experienced cancellations of vacations/trips this past year due to the coronavirus. Two of the three were ones that my wife and I had planned to go to Phoenix and two were family members that couldn't come back to Missouri due to Covid-19.

A spring trip to Phoenix was planned back in March to visit my stepdaughter. We like to go out for three reasons. Number one, of course, to see my wife's daughter. Number two reason for the March trip is to escape the cold weather of Missouri. Number three was to see a couple of Kansas City Royals' preseason games. Unfortunately that trip was wiped out so we were hoping for the possibility of rescheduling the trip later in the year.

Strike One.

Number two rescheduled trip didn't happen as we were hoping to head out to Phoenix over Thanksgiving but once again, the 'rona changed those plans.

Strike Two.

So with Christmas upon us, the hope was to see all three daughters over the holiday break. Unfortunately, one couldn't make it because of being around a friend that tested positive for the virus. So, unfortunately those plans were scratched.

A second daughter and her family couldn't make it back because they live in Pennsylvania and according to their state law, if they left the state and came back, a 14-day quarantine would be in effect. We have four grandchildren in that family so they didn't want to have them miss school when they started back from the school's holiday break.

Strike Three.

So for our family, the Covid Travel Grinch has done it's damage in 2020. Let's hope for a better 2021!

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