Man, now that the fair is over, it’s time to get down and get my redneck on. I’m talkin' fishin', huntin' and bow-shootin. Man, I am ready.

Let’s start with our catfish trip on Tuesday night. Chris McElfresh with Catfish Fever Guide Service took me, Rob from the morning show and my best friend John Willbanks on a fishing trip like no other.  Within 15 minutes, I caught a 18-pound blue catfish, it was great! Then we all started catchin' mid-teens to 20 pound fish. It was amazing! Then, as we were winding down, I caught a 40 pound blue, my biggest blue ever!  Then with eight minutes to go on Rob’s one-day permit, he catches the biggest Missouri cat, a 20 pound blue.

We took home over 130 pounds of fish that night.  It was great, so thanks to Catfish Fever Guide Service and Chris McElfresh.  You can book your own trip by calling 573-247-8921.  You will love it!

Also, the Sedalia Downtown Criterium is Saturday starting at 4:30 in front of the courthouse, along with the Chez When Bikes & BBQ going on Saturday in downtown Sedalia as well, something for everyone. Twin Lakes Bowbenders 3D appreciation shoot is on Sunday. It’s always a blast!

So bikes, more bikes, BBQ and bows all this weekend.  Hope to see you somewhere outside enjoying the things that our veterans (past, present, and still kickin' ass) give us the opportunity to enjoy.

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