According to a press release from the Sedalia Police Department, there was a fire reported last night around 9:50. Smoke was noticed coming from the First United Methodist Church at 117 West 4th Street in Downtown Sedalia. The smoke quickly turned to flames and the building was fully engulfed with flames in a matter of minutes. A partial building collapse took out power lines and the power was temporarily cut off to the keep the scene safe for police and fire personnel. At this time, the building is being treated as a crime scene. The State Fire Marshall's Office and the ATF will investigate the blaze later today.

Due to the flames and burning embers flying through the air, another business, Independent Electric, located at 225 South Kentucky had a fire start on their roof, but that fire was quickly extinquished.

On-lookers in the area are being asked to stay away from the immediate area of the church as there is still a potential hazard for the building collapsing. Police tape and barricades are set-up around the area.

KSIS will keep you updated as details emerge.

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