If you live for unforgiving humidity, torrential rain, and sweltering heat, then this prediction for the Summer of 2019 is for you!

According to the Farmers' Almanac:

The Almanac’s outlook is decidedly bleak no matter where in the country you happen to reside, but East Coasters might just have it worst.

Then again, folks in the Southeast, Midwest, and Central U.S. won't fare too well either: Stormy weather is predicted in May, June, July, August, and into September and October. “Large hail” and “straight-line winds” are expected in states further to the west, and the Almanac also claims there's a high potential for tornadoes.

If you're trying to find a spot in the U.S. to migrate the next three to four months:

There is, however, one place where everything’s shaping up to be just dandy, and that's the Pacific Northwest. There, residents can expect “pleasant and fair conditions” and fairly dry weather “all the way through to August.”

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