Ah, breaker-breaker one-nine...anybody got their ears on? If you were one of hundreds of thousands that used CB radios back in the 70's, what was your name/handle?

C.W. McCall's Convoy. To many, the holy grail of trucker's songs across our great nation. It's the song that not only glamorized being a trucker but also brought the CB (Citizen's Band) radio to the forefront of a new line of communication to friends, family and co-workers.

The 1975 hit made the "Rubber Duck', Pigpen" and "Sodbuster" household names. We all knew where Chi Town was on the map and we could quote the famous line, “suicide jockey” hauling explosives and a chartreuse microbus filled with “11 long-haired friends of Jesus.”

My handle back in the day was Silver Throat. I would have used Goldent Throat but another clasmate that I worked with in high school, already had that moniker. Of course those two names came from us working at the local radio station.

Whether it was Cobra, Radio Shack, or any other popular brand, your vehicle had a CB radio and you were on top of the latest news, weather and traffic wherever you might be.

Ten-Four good buddy. I'm headin' for the shed. Keep your tires on the road and stay safe. I'll catch you on the flip-flop. This is Silver Throat...I'm gone.

Dave Lee Travis
Getty Images

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