Like me, you've probably seen a lot of things that people have placed on their Christmas tree but this may be a first for me!

If you've ever seen a pickle ornament on a tree, you may know of the fun tradition that goes along with it.

Here's how it works-On Christmas Eve, the parents hide the pickle oranmanet in the tree so when the kids get up on Christmas morning that have to find it. The first one that does so, gets to open the first present. Not only do they get first dibs to tear open a package but it's supposed to bring that person good luck for the new year.

Another version of the Christmas twist is that the first person that finds it will get an additional present. 

However you play the pickle, it can be a fun tradition for your family that the kids can pass on to their family when they become parents. Believe it or not, you can find pickle ornaments at some of your favorite stores.

Dill pickle

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