The DARE Golf Tournament is today at 11 a.m. at Elm Hills Golf Course and you can still register for the tournament at the clubhouse. I am looking forward to playing with Mike and Fisher Jenkins for the first time. We have either been on opposing teams or not been able to play together, but this will be a special golf outing to benefit the DARE Program led by Brad Beard and Rodney Collins of the Sedalia Police Department.

This will also be the first time we have golfed since our mainstay golfer, Mike's father-n-law and Fisher's grandfather Steve Gardner passed on. He loved the game of golf so we will take a moment and I'm sure think of him as we're playing. I paid attention to something he told me in the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament, he told me it was time to get a new driver. So I have bought one that is suitable for me and I hope it brings me good luck.

A few people reminded me that I need to break out last year's golf outfit. I don't think anybody in the station will forget that one, nor will those who played last year. So I am pleased to tell you I will wear the shorts, but I have a station shirt for this go around.

All this fun goes to the great cause of making sure the DARE program continues in Sedalia. There were a lot of programs across the state that lost funding, yet the Sedalia Police Department have kept it going strong. Let's make sure the kids continue to get the best education they can. If you can't golf and just want to come make a donation, come out to the clubhouse at the Elm Hills Golf Course and support the cause.

Good luck to all the golfers participating today. If there is one rule of thumb today, wear lots of sun screen and drink plenty of water, it appears it will be another hot one.

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