We go to supper (you may call it dinner...we don't because growing up as a kid in Missouri, dinner was Sunday after church at Grandpa and Grandmas) with some friends on a weekly basis. A time is usually set for 4:45 pm but sometimes it gets pushed up to 4:30 just because we're sitting around waiting, and of course, we're hungry. So, eating at that time of the day...does that mean I'm getting old?

Now the part of going to bed at eight o'clock has something to do with my job. I get up at four a.m. so I try to go to bed at eight to get enough sleep. But most nights when I don't have to get up early the next morning, my wife and I drift off on the couch while watching TV. I don't know how many HGTV shows or movies that we've been watching we will never know how they turned out!

A few other signs of possibly getting old come to mind. For example;

  • You go to a store or to a restaurant and you're automatically given the senior discount.
  • You're at a ballgame and when you leave instead of taking the stairs down to the ground level a couple of steps at a time along with a jump off the bottom step, you step with one foot and then you bring the other foot down to the same step. (And if there's a railing to hold on to you're feeling good!)
  • You're constantly opening up the mailbox and the majority of the mail is junk about Medicare Supplement insurance or it's the latest AARP magazine.
  • Your lingo isn't up to today's standards. When you say you're going to buy a new pair of tennis shoes, your grandkids just look at you with a puzzled face. (Grandpa, I didn't know you played tennis?)
  • And probably one of the biggest tell-tale signs that you're getting old is...Hmmm, I don't remember what I was going to say. Oh well, I guess it wasn't important any way.

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