"Yep, Yep." Those are two simple lyrics in Dustin Lynch's new single 'Where It's At,' but they're an integral part of the song.

Even though "yep, yep" is one of the most memorable, and certainly catchy, aspects of 'Where It's At,' the song wasn't written around that part. In fact, it wasn't added until the very end of the writing process.

Cary Barlowe, along with Zach Crowell and Matt Jenkins (the latter two wrote Keith Urban's 'Cop Car') set an appointment to get together and write, and the title happened really organically -- without Barlowe in the room.

"I can't remember what I was talking about -- maybe a pizza place, and I said, ‘Ooh, that pizza place, that's where it's at, right there,'" Crowell recounts to Billboard. "I recall Matt going, ‘That's the title -- ‘Where It's At.' Probably two seconds later Cary walked in the door."

"We tried to make it light and fun," says Jenkins. "It's not rocket science, certainly. It's just feel-good, and you want to crank it up and jam it."

And then, as they were finishing up, the songwriters felt that they needed to address the phrase in the chorus, "Dressed up, hair down, in a ball cap / As long as I get that" and felt that it needed to be filled out. That's where the 'yep, yep' came in.

Crowell came up with the idea, but wasn't sure about it. "I probably thought it was bad," he says. "I probably pitched it in a very unconfident kind of way, but they thought it was good."

It was good, and that song turned into the first hit of Lynch's upcoming sophomore album.