I was talking to my wife about how at different times in our life, doctors can play a very important role and other times they're pretty much non-existent.

When you're young, a doctor most likely will see you many times through your childhood. For example, as a child I had some problems with my tonsils so from the time I was about five to six years old until I was around 11, the odds were good that I would experience tonsillitis at least once or twice every year. At around age 11 I had my tonsils removed. After that I don't remember going to the doctor for much of anything unless it was sports-related. A physical, a look at a sprain or being checked out after a concussion from a high school football game.

From that point after high school, I didn't have much to do with a doc until I joined the Air Force. Of course, while going through basic training I went through all the necessary medical procedures required by Uncle Sam.

After that, for the next 25 years, I really don't remember a lot of annual checkups/visits to my local M.D. until I had my heart attack in 2005. From that point; doctors started to be a little more important to me again.

As I've gotten older I have found the visits have been more plentiful. Funny how we can go so long without medical advice and then it seems like our world revolves around one appointment after another. Oh well, such is the price of being young, being old and everything in between!

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