Remember the older satellite dishes? They were HUGE! Do you still have one at your house?

Satellite television became popular in 1979. According to an article in WIkipedia, the first satellites were acutually for sale in the 1979 Nieman-Marcus Christmas catalog. To be the first one on your block, (maybe the county!) the price tag for your very own satellite was $36,500.

The size of the first dishes available to the public were nearly 20 feet. In the 80's the size and the cost eventually diminished to make it more popular. The size of the dish was reduced to around 10 to around 16 feet.

The ones that we have in our yard at the radio statioin is to receive programming. Of course the satellites nowdays that are used by John Q. Public, are a lot smaller and much more affordable. But back in the day, it was something to have one of these monsters parked in your yard.



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