This is almost a forgotten memory. For me it's because of the years since I was in school. For many it's because of the number of days since school was actually held in school and not via the computer in homes.

I along with many others are, of course, hoping for the opportunity for kids to get back to in-school classes. So when this does happen, what is your favorite after school snack?

For me, going back in time, I was a long day battling with teachers, lockers, homework assignments that the dog ate, and those pop quizzes. But after school you knew you could find solace with your favorite go-to after school treat. What was yours?

In high school on a normal afternoon after the bell rang, I would head home and head straight to the kitchen. It was time to re-energize!

It was a loaf of Wonder or Butternut bread, a jar of peanut butter, a banana and a toaster. More times than not I would have made Elvis smile! Peanut butter on toast with sliced bananas. Of course, a tall glass of milk was included in the mix to wash down the concoction. Now if the bananas weren't available, my second go to snack was a good old fasioned PB & J. Hard to beat a classic!

Of course along the way there were other snacks that was included in the mix for a growing (and always hungry) teenager. In fact if it was on the shelf or in the 'frig, it was fair game.

What was yours?

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