Certain fragrances will take us back in time. If you were to go back and smell the perfumes and colognes from the 1980's, would you still recognize them?

The fashions of the 80's...shoulder pads, banana clips, costume jewelry and the hair...oh my, the hair! The stuff we used to splsch and spray on our bodies will linger in our memory banks forever.

Do you remember some of these perfumes and colognes?

Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume

The cowboy cologne-Stetson.

Calvin Klein's Obsession

Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt

Opium For Women By Yves Saint Laurent

Christian Dior's Poison Girl  

So, now that we've taken you back in the timemobile, do you remember owning any of these? Many of these perfumes and colognes can still purchased. Which one would you choose?


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