You know every state has them. Call them what you want...odd, crazy, ridiculous, antiquated...some of these driving laws are still on the books including this one from Missouri.

Missouri is no exception when it comes to the laws on the books that makes us shake our heads and look to the sky for answers.

Be careful if you're on the east side of the state in University City. Make sure you have your bill of sale with you if you plan on tooting your car horn. University City officials have also made it illegal to honk someone else's horn.

According to each state's Department of Motor Vehicles, our society is either crazy or the lawmakers are bored. In either case check out these bizarre driving laws in bordering states-

Kansas - If you're traveling through Topeka, forget transporting dead poultry along Kansas Avenue. 

Iowa - If you're in Mount Vernon, don't you dare throw out your Red Ryder on the highway. I guess they're afraid you'll shoot your eye out.

Arkansas - Have a hankering for a cold-cut sandwich? Be careful if you're honking for your passenger to hurry up. It's illegal to blare a car horn where ice cold beverages or sandwiches are served after 9;00 p.m.

Illinois - Handle your self carefully if you're out on that two-wheeler in Galesburg. The city's Po-Po have no tolerance for "fancy riding" on bicycles.

Oklahoma - Like your comic books? Don't be reading one while you're driving or you'll be ticketed.

Be safe out there and know the rules of the road!

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