With the official start of summer upon us, I was reminiscing with some friends a few days ago about spending our summers as kids. Almost any and all activities, were outside except for those times when we had to run inside to use the bathroom or get a glass of Kool-Aid.

It was exploring the neighbors barn, making forts out of hay bales, playing catch, and catching frogs in the creek down the road.

We weren't allowed inside unless we were sick or we had company. We were setting up our make-shift ball fields out back and playing like we were the major league stars on those treasured baseball cards. 

We chewed the stick gum that came along with those cards and played out in the heat on those hot Missouri summer days. If we got too hot, we'd go in and sit in front of the the box fan and try to cool off. As we were sitting in front of it, we would get up close and talk into it and laugh as it would make that distinguishable change in our voice.

Tag, hide and seek, riding bikes, and climbing trees were the daily norm.

We would head uptown with our empty pop bottles to trade-in for some change so we could get our treat of a cold soft drink, and maybe some penny candy to last through the week.

What are some of your memories?

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