David Allan Coe fans are in luck. The entire collection of albums he recorded for Columbia is being reissued each week throughout the month of September, in honor of Coe's 75th birthday.

The first set of albums -- 'The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy' (1974), 'Once Upon a Rhyme' (1975), 'Longhaired Redneck' (1976), 'Rides Again' (1977) and 'Tattoo' (1977) -- was released on Sept. 2, followed by 'Family Album' (1979), 'Human Emotions' (1978), 'Compass Point' (1979), 'Spectrum VII' (1979) and 'I've Got Something to Say' (1980), which were all released on Sept. 9.

On Sept. 16, ' Invictus (Means) Unconquered' (1981), 'Tennessee Whiskey' (1981), 'Castles in the Sand' (1983), 'Hello in There' (1983) and 'Just Divorced' (1984) will be released, followed by 'Darlin’, Darlin’'(1985), 'Unchained' (1985) 'Son of the South' (1986), 'A Matter of Life…and Death' (1987) and 'Crazy Daddy' (1989), which will be released on Sept. 23.

Coe, who recorded most of his albums with renowned producer Billy Sherrill, has often stated that he has never received much income from his royalties, due to both poor business decisions and financial trouble, which led to the seizure of much of his property by the IRS.

"All of my songs up to 1984 were sold in a bankruptcy proceeding for $25,000 from the bankruptcy court because nobody told me they'd been put up for sale!" he told Michigan's The Review in 2003. "Basically the IRS claimed I owed them $100,000. I was living at a place, and we had a flood, and everything was destroyed. They knew I didn't have any records -- any proof of what I did have and what I didn't have. So I just filed bankruptcy."

The collection marks the first time much of his music will be available digitally. Coe's first two installments are available for purchase here, with the releases available on Sept. 16 also available for pre-order.

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