By now you've probably heard the story of spring breakers on Florida's coast ignoring the COVID-19 warnings and definitely not practicing social distancing. Or the groups of young adults just openly flaunting stay at home orders. And I'm not at all surprised. It's the arrogance of youth.

Yeah, remember when you were young? That time period when you knew everything. Rebelled against some things. And your opinion on everything was definitely right? And it would all be OK.

Like that cigarette habit you picked up as a teen, that you've been trying to kick since you and your spouse wanted to start a family. Or that time in your twenties you got a $180 dollar ticket for driving way to fast? Or the credit card debt that took years to pay off after you went a little crazy after getting that first credit card? Or that time you had unprotected sex with the partner you were crushing on?

Yeah, the younger we are the more rebellious and arrogant we are. We think we can get away with more. And many times, somehow, the consequences for our actions thank goodness don't catch up to us. Or as we get older we make better choices that mitigate the harm our previous choices might cause.

So no, I'm not surprised at some younger folks flaunting stay at home orders and not really caring about social distancing. I hope for their sake the consequences of those choices don't bite them in the ass.

That said, if I was a parent to a teen or college student who did that and they lived at home. He or she better hope one of their like-minded buddies has a place for them to crash. 'Cause his or her potentially infected behind isn't coming back into my house until I know he or she didn't pick up the virus. That's age and wisdom talking.

Stay safe. Stay home. Help support local businesses and restaurants by supporting their take out, car side pickup, and delivery services. Remember, we'll be here on the radio for you.

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