The real names of many of your favorite country stars may surprise you. Could you get used to calling Tim McGraw "Sam," or Garth Brooks "Troyal?" Probably not.

In many cases, country artists use their middle name either first or last, but some come up with a name completely different than the one their momma gave them. Here's a list of some real names of country stars and the names you know them by.

  • Samuel Timothy Smith is Tim McGraw
  • Troyal Garth Brooks is of course Garth Brooks
  • Jason Aldean Williams is Jason Aldeans full name
  • Leon Eric Brooks III is better known as Kix Brooks
  • Gary Allan Herzberg is Gary's full name
  • Craig Morgan Greer dropped his last name
  • Christina Claire Ciminella is not-so-obviously Wynonna Judd
  • Thomas Luther Bryan is better known as Luke
  • Randy Traywick changed his name to Randy Travis
  • Eileen Regina Edwards' fans call her Shania Twain
  • Shawn Randolph Houser is known now as Randy Houser
  • Audrey Faith Perry changed her name to Faith Hill
  • Kenneth Eric Church dropped his first name to become famous
  • Hiram King Williams is considered the first king of country music, known as Hank Williams
  • Stanley Wayne DeMarcus Jr. is just Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts now
  • His bandmate Gary Vernon Jr. lead sings for Rascal Flatts as Gary LaVox
  • Ernest Clay Walker Jr. simplified his moniker to just Clay Walker
  • Tracy Darrell Adkins shortened his name down to Trace Adkins

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