The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission (MHTC) has selected Millstone Weber as the apparent best-value proposer and Design-Build contractor of the first project in MoDOT’s Improve I-70 Program.

Negotiations to finalize the contract are currently in progress. Improve I-70: Columbia to Kingdom City will build a third lane in each direction and improve the 20-mile stretch of Interstate 70 between U.S. 63 in Columbia and U.S. 54 in Kingdom City beginning in summer 2024. This $405 million project is the first of several projects which will widen and improve the I-70 corridor.

Missouri’s FY2024 budget from the General Assembly signed into law by Governor Parson provides $2.8 billion in General Revenue for the costs to build a third lane of I-70 across the state. The program will plan, design, construct, reconstruct, rehabilitate, and add a third lane in each direction on nearly 200 miles of I-70, from Blue Springs to Wentzville.

“Today’s contractor selection marks the beginning of this generational opportunity to improve I-70, which serves as a critical economic east-west corridor across Missouri,” said MHTC Chairman Terry Ecker last week. “This is a major challenge to deliver, but our MoDOT team working alongside the private sector partners in engineering and construction will deliver."

Millstone Weber
Millstone Weber

The selected team, including contractor Millstone Weber and designer Jacobs, competed against one other design-build team. The winning proposal showed not only an understanding of the engineering and design endeavors set out before the teams, but it also highlighted an understanding of the local, statewide, and national importance of an improved I-70.

The winning proposal includes new concrete pavement on all three lanes of I-70 in each direction for the 20-mile section between Columbia and Kingdom City, wider inside and outside shoulders, and improved interchange designs at the U.S. 63 and U.S. 54 interchanges at I-70.

Additionally, throughout construction two lanes of travel will be available for both directions of I-70 during peak hours.

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The U.S. 63 and I-70 interchange proposal includes:

*Two new direct connection ramps (northbound U.S. 63 to westbound I-70 and eastbound I-70 to southbound U.S. 63)

*Four new roundabouts

The U.S. 54 and I-70 interchange proposal includes two new bridges and a new and improved interchange.

“We could not be more humbled and excited. This is a huge deal for everyone who drives this stretch of interstate and uses these interchanges. We will do everything in our power – and then some – to reward the confidence being shown in us to deliver this critical project,” said Bob Leingang, vice president, and chief engineer of Millstone Weber.

Design-Build is a project delivery method that combines both the design and construction phases into one contract. The selected contract team completes the design and construction in parallel instead of in succession, which saves time and resources.

The goals for the Columbia to Kingdom City project include:

*Deliver the project by December 31, 2027, within the program budget of $405 million.

*Provide a third lane of travel for eastbound and westbound Interstate 70 from Columbia to Kingdom City.

*Improve I-70/US 63 and I-70/US 54 Interchanges providing for better traffic flow and movement of freight.

*Improve the interstate while modernizing the existing pavement and bridges.

*Minimize construction impacts through communication and construction staging while maintaining safety and mobility.

*Provide expanded employment opportunities to a diverse workforce.

MoDOT plans to host additional public information meetings in central Missouri in spring 2024 ahead of construction where project plans and traffic control details for project #1 will be shared. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2024 with an anticipated completion in late 2027. For more information on the Improve I-70 Program, visit

For more information, call MoDOT at 888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636) or visit To receive the latest statewide news and text alerts, signup for e-updates.

According to a statement posted last week, “Millstone Weber is extremely honored and excited to partner with Missouri Department of Transportation on the Improve I-70 Columbia to Kingdom City project.

“This is the first project of MoDOT’s statewide Improve I-70 Program. Valued at $405 million the Improve I-70: Columbia to Kingdom City project will improve the interchanges at U.S. 63 & U.S. 54 while adding a third lane and new concrete pavement to I-70 in the 20-mile stretch between them.

Designer Jacobs Solutions Inc., was also tagged in the Facebook post.

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