Since so many people have been staying at home during the COVID-19 classic, DIY projects have jumped in numbers. Many folks have taken the time to find their creative inner soul to tackle projects around the house.

Some of these projects have resulted in a lot of new furniture, wall hangings, and every thing else you can imagine. Some look pretty good and some, well...some, maybe not so good!

It's amazing what a little creativity and a small bank account can do for someone and their furnishings. I was one that filled both those pre-requisites back in the day when I moved out on my own.

Like so many, when you venture out on your own, the contents in your refrigerator and cabinets along with your furnishings usually are sometimes skimpy. You basically take things day-to-day and try to squeeze out those last few bucks from your paycheck.

Let's go back to the 70's and revisit our apartment's furnishings. I bet one item that was in your pad was the cinder block shelves that housed your Marantz stereo system...complete with turntable and eight track player.

Whether it was your own apartment, your dorm room or in the basement of your parent's house, I'll bet that you had a really cool (and cheap) set of shelves made up of particle board and cinder blocks.

This was the 70's version of DIY shelves. Of course included in the setting was your milk crate full of your favorite albums, your stack of eight tracks that you accumulated with your subscription from Columba House and, if you were really into your music, on the bottom shelf was your Teac reel-to-reel. (Ask your grandparents)

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