Artists hate when they have to be interrupted in the middle of a show, but sometimes it has to happen for everyone's benefit. At a show in Glen Falls, N.Y., Chris Young stopped in his tracks to break up a fight in the crowd.

According to WGNA, a couple of guys got into it right next to the stage. This caught the attention of Young who was mid-song. He wanted to set it straight -- for the kids.

"Quit. The kids are here," he scolded the men. Then he raised his voice to show just how serious he was. "Hey!" he yelled. "I don't care who started it, both of you quit."

Young took his guitar and walked over to the edge of the stage where the men were, shaking his head the whole way. He motioned for them to split up to a very supportive crowd. Apparently his little speech worked because a few seconds later he gave a thumbs up and headed back to his microphone.

Young handled the situation with ease saying he didn't even want the men thrown out -- as long as they stopped the fighting. "Lets drink beer and have a good time, alright?" he said to the crowd who was still screaming and showing their support for the artist.

Eventually the two stopped and Chris Young was able to finish exactly where he left off. He went right back into 'You' and never missed a beat.

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