You know how when you clean out your closet you always find stuff you had completely forgotten about? Imagine cleaning up around a radio station office that has been in use for over 15 years. There's stuff in there that I didn't even know about!

There's a closet in my office that I never use. Never look in it. Sometimes in the winter, if I'm feeling energetic and don't want my coat hanging off the back of my chair, I'll hang my coat in there. But that's it. For some reason I decided to poke around in this closet today. Here are some oddball things that I found.


  • Clint Black

    Clint Black was hiding in the back of my closet! This is a cardboard cutout of Clint from who-knows-when. It actually doesn't stand up anymore, because the stand part has ripped off.

  • MO KIds Outdoors Deer Hunt from 2008

    There is an old KIX 105.7 logo with a bunch of signatures on it, and a note that says "2008 MO Kids Outdoors Youth Deer Hunt." I'm guessing these are signatures from the kids that participated. See any names from anyone you know?

  • The Latest Technology!

    We are on top of things here! Floppy disks and cassette tapes, but nothing to read the floppy disks with. We plead the fifth on whether or not we have any equipment that will allow us to listen to the cassette tapes.

    Kurt Parsons
  • Wings Over Whiteman

    It's hard to say why we held on to this poster for Wings Over Whiteman. There are no autographs, no notes on the back, it's just a poster for the 2010 event. Granted, it's a cool looking poster, but it is unclear why it's been in the closet for eight years.

    Kurt Parsons
  • Autographs From Bands We Don't Recognize (And One That We Do)

    See this autographed photo of the Kentucky Headhunters? That is literally the only recognizable autographed photo we could find out of an entire box of autographed photos. You get to meet a lot of up-and-comers when you work at the radio station.