Carrie Underwood dropped another surprise on fans on the eve of her Cry Pretty album release, sharing the steamy "The Song That We Used to Make Love To."

The R&B-infused number is a new sound for the country superstar, proving that she takes bold chances on the new record. A slick R&B beat backs Underwood as she croons about the song she knows she shouldn't play, but just can't resist. It's a slow jam, one where her voice sways with a beat that relies on pop influences.

She does some new tricks with her voice, offering smooth vocal layering that proves she can master multiple genres, trading her signature vocal belting for a softer tone. Underwood doesn't get too descriptive, but paints an image of a woman longing for a particular song that reminds her of the intimacy she once shared with someone she loves.

"I know I'm contradicting everything I said / But I want to turn it up when I'm lying in this bed / Pull the sheets over my head / Drift off dreaming baby go and let it take my breath," she sings.

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"That Song That We Used to Make Love To" captures the themes of confidence and sexiness, two qualities Underwood continues to embrace as she grows in life. "I think confidence ... it gives way to being sexy. There's something sexy about being confident in yourself, and I feel like the older I get, the more confidence I have in myself in that way," she recently explained to Taste of Country and other media.

Underwood demonstrates this confidence throughout Cry Pretty, exhibited by previously released tracks "End Up With You" and the empowering "Love Wins." Fans can hear Cry Pretty in its entirety on Friday (Sept. 14).

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