It's a very important day for those that don't "Click-it" or text-and-drive. Time to make a change for safety and today is the day to do so!

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is joining the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Coalition for Roadway Safety in challenging Missourians to be better, safer drivers through the Buckle Up/Phone Down campaign. Friday, October 20, 2017 is Buckle Up/Phone Down Day in Missouri. Always buckle up and consistently put your phone down when you’re driving.

In the United States and Missour, distracted driving is a leading cause of crashes. Even though you're attentive on the roads, sometimes it's the other drivers that causes accidents, and wearing a seat belt every time you enter a vehicle protects you in the event you are in a traffic crash.

Statistics have led the Patrol to join MoDOT and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety to join together and challenge every driver to buckle up and put their phones down.

Visit the Buckle Up/Phone Down Challenge web page for more information

Won’t you do your part to help increase safety on Missouri’s roadways?

Teen texts while driving
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