Maren Morris' duet with Niall Horan is an acoustic pop-folk love song called "Seeing Blind," and fans of both artists can listen as of Friday.

The One Direction singer's solo album Flicker is out, featuring this duo's first collaboration. Morris will also join Horan's Flicker World Tour, which begins in Ireland in March. While not confirmed, the likelihood of an onstage recreation of this catchy track is high.

Morris celebrated its release on Instagram by saying, "I am insanely proud of my friend @niallhoran for releasing this incredible debut! Even more so to be on this song."

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Horan begins "Seeing Blind," but Morris adds harmonies to this refreshingly organic track. "Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise / And I can't believe my eyes / Oh, I must be seeing blind," he sings at the chorus. "Oh, no I, you're too good to be all mine / Now I'm looking in your eyes / Oh, I must be seeing blind."

Morris takes the second verse, describing her version of the unexpected love both are living out. In real life she's engaged to fellow country singer Ryan Hurd, with both saying the wedding will come in 2018. The two country singers share details of their romance on social media, but never divulge too many details. For example, she shared a picture of the moment Hurd proposed but never spilled the intimacies of that day.

Musically Morris is working on her second studio album, a followup to the critically and commercially successful Hero. "I Could Use a Love Song" is her current single, but she's also getting airplay for a song called "Dear Hate," released after the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas.

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