Darius Rucker's single "For the First Time" is the second single from his album When Was the Last Time. Written by Rucker, along with Derek George and Travis Hill, the song struck a chord with Rucker not only because of its clever idea but because it was a tried-and-true sentiment that, surprisingly, was still untapped in the music world.

Below, Rucker recalls to The Boot and other reporters the day the three men wrote "For the First Time."

Derek George brought it in to me. We were writing together, and he had this idea and this great chorus about doing stuff for the first time. I just thought it was such a great idea. I had to Google it because I was like, "No one’s really written a song called "For the First Time"?" It was crazy.

And so we wrote it, and when we finished it, it was the first thing I said to him -- it was just one of those songs that I knew: "That’s a song." And the way he did the kick in the beginning with that little verse there -- I’m talking like a producer, like I know what I’m doing [laughs].

I love it. When I listen to that, I love it, what he did with it. From the start of that track, you can’t say it’s not country, even though it’s got this backbeat that’s not what we’re used to. The way the fiddle and the guitar double up in the beginning -- I love that song, and I’m glad it’s a single.

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