Country star Brett Eldredge doesn't take success for granted, and his popularity at country radio is no exception. Read on to learn why Eldredge never turns the radio off when his songs come on, and what he was doing when he heard himself on the radio for the very first time.

I was on a radio tour, and I had a song called "Raymond" that I wrote about my grandmother. I was eating a sandwich in the car; it was actually a minivan, probably, at that point -- nothing rock star-life, nothing country star-life, just me and some radio friends and a guitar player. We were riding down the road. We'd just gotten done playing the station and singing the song, and then they played the song. It was very surreal.

I think I had a bite full of cheeseburger or something. I can't remember if I spit it out or what I did, but I was in complete awe, just because it's a lot of years of work to get to those first few seconds of your song's intro hitting country radio. You just kind of get lost in a world of, "Hey, if nothing else ever works out, at least I got to this point." It's gone a lot further since then, but that was the first moment.

[Now], I usually turn it up, because it never gets old for me. I definitely never turn it off. I don't like to watch videos of myself singing stuff, but when it comes to a song hitting the radio, that's something extra special, and it happens to me a lot.

This is just a weird universe thing, but I swear, when I get in a car, a lot of times, I'll get in and the song that they're playing is one of my songs, or [it's] the next song that starts playing as I'm pulling out of my garage, or wherever. I never want that to get normal. So, I always turn it up.

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