Like he does with everything else in life, the good-natured Blake Shelton addressed a recent tabloid rumor about a terrifying heart scare with a sense of humor.

The National Enquirer, not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity, reported recently that Shelton's fondness for drinking lead to a heart scare, which caused his wife Miranda Lambert to crack the whip and lay down the law when it comes to his wild ways. That's a familiar gossip scenario for their marriage, that Blake is the party animal, while his tough gal wife is the boss who wears the pants in the relationship.

A source reportedly told the gossip publication that the singer "went to bed after a wild night of downing tequila, beer and tubs of fried chicken and woke up in the middle of the night with searing pain shooting from his chest through his arms."

The insider claimed that 'The Voice' coach was left "gasping for air for a few minutes before he finally pulled himself together." The mystery person added, "He called Miranda, who's been on tour, and she told him to rush to an emergency room." Eventually, Shelton allegedly chalked up the pain to heartburn or indigestion, but felt it was a wake-up call.

Gossip Cop, which prides itself on busting bad dish, spoke to a source who said the heart scare never happened.

Shelton himself cleared the air with a hilarious tweet, writing in typical Blake fashion, "Newest tabloid is that I'm having heart problems... That's ridiculous. It's my liver that's focked!!!!!!"

Expect next week's issue of the National Enquirer to have an item about Blake's "liver condition."

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