Blaine's Pine Street, a new bar and grill, opened Tuesday, Feb. 5, by the Whitworth family in memory and honor of their son William Blaine Whitworth, who was killed in a shooting last Fall.

After closing Molly's last month, the Whitworth family focused on just owning one establishment. The Whitworths made some much needed upgrades to Bodie's old kitchen side and renamed it Blaine's Pine Street Bar and Grill. Blaine's will have similar hours and menu items as Molly's did, but will have new BBQ menu items. The bar has new TVs, seating, paint job, and decor to give Blaine's a college sports bar feel.

"So far it looks fabulous," said Diane Whitworth, Blaine's mother. "We're making several exciting changes to upgrade and improve it. It's going to be exciting for people to see it."

Blaine's will have daily food specials very similar to Molly's. It opened in fiesta fashion on Tuesday with taco and margarita specials. The Whitworth family will carry the Molly's name to Blaine's, by naming the soon improved patio "Molly's Patio."

Bodies and Blaine's Pine Street will host a birthday party for Blaine on Feb. 21. The establishment will also host a 5K run this fall, for the Go Big or Go Home fund, set up in Blaine's name.

Here are just a couple improvements made to the new bar and grill in Warrensburg.

Blaine's rug photo
Blaine's new sports bar

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