Believe it or not, there are some crazy people around the country that are already camping out in front of stores in order to get in first on Black Friday. I haven't seen anyone doing this around here, but I have heard of a few cases in the news in recent days.

Camping in front of a store is a little across the line for me, but I'll admit that I've stood outside for over an hour and nearly froze to death on Black Fridays past. My family usually has a few stores that we always visit. From year to year the order in which we go will change, depending on what we're after, but it seems like we always end up at pretty much the same places (that might be because we go just about everywhere!).

What about Black Friday shopping in Sedalia? Where do you normally find the best bargains? What are the stores that you always visit? Vote below. You can vote for more than one.


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