Kids, I know that many of us, when we're out at the store or something, sometimes catch one half of a conversation.  Or, maybe just the end of it.  It could be something that makes sense or something that seems insane. 

So many times throughout the years I've been in these situations and wondered, "Just what the SamScratch was THAT about?"   Well, today I'd like to show you a website that contains just those conversations.  People on the street, at work, out and about anywhere, submit these to this website when they hear something odd.  It all started with a website called Overheard In New York. You can imagine some of the crazy things people say! Well now they've expanded and done a whole site of all over the place, called Overheard Everywhere.

Here's a good example:

Awesome dad: I'm going to bring you to your auntie's house. I want you to behave.
Adorable little boy: I promise.
Awesome dad: But I also want you to have fun.
Adorable little boy: I'll tell you if there's a roller coaster!

So check it out, look around, and have a laugh.