So you've been to the Missouri State Fair. You've seen the concerts. You've had about 70 corn dogs. You've seen the livestock, the racing, the technology... you've ridden the rides and played the games. Now what? There has to be something you can do to relax, right? Well, there is. And yes, it's something at the Missouri State Fair.It's the Gardens right by the Missouri State Highway Patrol Building. Right after you take the kids to see Otto and the Firefighters, it's right there.  It's a calm, soothing little place to sit, relax, and just enjoy a moment.

I don't know about you, but after I've been on a few Scramblers at the Midway, I could use a few moments to just sit and enjoy the pond. So make sure that before you're done with the Fair this year - that you stop and smell the roses. Or flowers. Or all of them, and do it at the gardens.

Gardenlly yours,