There seems to be an influx in the number of Missourians receiving unsolicited robocalls offering health insurance. Residents of the Show-Me State need to make sure not to respond to these calls.

In a press release from the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration:

Most people have experienced unwanted or unexpected robocalls offering a product, a lower interest rate or a special limited time offer. However, when they receive unsolicited calls from individuals trying to sell health insurance, Missourians should be wary of any promises made.

Most of the time, these calls come from telemarketing centers. Sometimes the callers don’t give complete information, or the purpose of the call is to gather your personal information to use for other purposes. In rare instances, you may receive a call from a telemarketing center that is not licensed and the caller is not a licensed agent.

According to the DIFP, legitimate insurance companies and agents won’t rush you to make a decision and should be willing to provide a call back number for follow up questions after you’ve read the plan information.

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