While director Zack Snyder did share a look at the 'Batman vs. Superman' version of the Batmobile, it was parked in a warehouse and half-covered in smoke. In short, you couldn't really get a good sense of what it would look like in action. Today, we get a much better look at what Batfleck's Batmobile will look like in 'Batman vs. Superman' as Bruce Wayne's whip has rolled onto the film's set for the first time.

UPDATE: In response to the leaked set photos, director Zack Snyder released an official, hi-res image of the Batmobile over Twitter. Check it out.

Batmobile Batman vs. Superman
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Initially, it seemed as if the 'Batman vs. Superman' batmobile was more of a departure from the 'Dark Knight' era Tumbler, but these shots from the Detroit set (via Instagram) would indicate that the design isn't that far off. It still has the chunky rear tires and narrower front tires, rear spoilers and armored tiles.

While it's clearly inspired by the Tumbler, it is different enough to give it its own feel. The doors open like little bat ears and it's a skinnier design overall. Certainly "sportier" than the Tumbler's bulky design. Also, keeping with the new Batman costume, it's not black, but more of a charcoal grey.

The Batmobile reportedly just arrived on the 'Batman vs. Superman' set yesterday, so hopefully see some video of the car in action, driving around the city. We'll bring you more updates as they happen.

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