Ash Bowers is the perfect voice for his new single 'Shake It Off.' The Tennessee native sings with true grit. His working class upbringing comes through on this song about "shaking off" troubles holding you down.

Lyrically, the mid-tempo, guitar-driven cut takes some time to reveal itself as more than generic. The first verse is cookie-cutter country music: "Hey blue collar, stretching that dollar / Instead of punching that clock / I'll bet you'd love to walk right up / And put a stiff right hook on your boss / Shake it off," Bowers sings.

The second verse is romantic and clever, with the phrase "shake it off" taking on an entirely new meaning. This comes after a chorus that fits neatly in Bowers' wheelhouse:

"Let it fall, let it go, let it roll off your back / Look back and just laugh at it all / Be strong, carry on like a rolling stone / When the weight of the world's hanging on / Shake it off."

The finished product isn't memorable, but it's not offensive, either. This is the type of song that will either go unnoticed or take 50 weeks to reach the Top 10. A stronger lyric would create a deeper emotional hook. As it stands, the single is somewhat patronizing to a group of country fans living under the weight of blue collar stress. Bowers can likely relate, but he doesn't prove it.

Listen to Ash Bowers, 'Shake It Off'