We’ve all seen it as we stroll down the sidewalk, drive down the highway, or even if we head to the park: ugly, abandoned items, such as furniture, old mattresses or appliances like washing machines. It's becoming an increasing problem in towns and cities not only across the U.S. but also Missouri.

In a survey by a leading mattress review site, Sleepopolis, 33% of Missourians have gone the lazy route and dumped those households items rather than doing the right thing and disposing of them at the proper local facility.

So if Missourians have a 33% rate, who is the worst? According to the survey Kentucky leads the pack with approximately 43% of it's residents dumping illegally. The lowest rate in the United States belongs to Alaska with only 5% making the illegal dumps.

So if you have items to get rid of, i.e., such as furniture, old mattresses or appliances like washing machines, think twice before dumping them just anywhere. Take the time to dispose of them properly.

Go to https://sleepopolis.com/blog/illegal-garbage-dumping/ to see a map of how much each state is illegally dumping.

Christine Glade
Christine Glade

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