It's getting close to the end of another school year and this year it feels a little different as many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. This, of course, means many of us are looking to get out with the family and traveling this summer.

So what's on your bucket list? There's probably a long list of items that you've already started on what you want to do this summer since we're finally able to enjoy the upcoming summer.

For some it's just visiting with friends and family. Others have definite destinations to explore that wasn't an option in the last year. So we decided to go to the KIX 105.7  Facebook page and ask the question "What's on your Summer Bucket List?" We got some great answers and we thought we'd share them with you-

Ruth P. - DRA concerts! Arkansas Mesa Az Branson so far!

Julia R. - If I can get enough $$$ saved I would love to go visit my Dad's grave and my Aunt who has throat cancer.

Melissa H. - Camping & Fishing

Lynn E.-P. - Trace Adkins!!! Finally...oh you said summer bucket list....Take a 30th anniversary trip!

Jen O. - find a prince charming while having family time

Penny P.-S. - To be in carshows

Tosha C. - Ice cream truck

Sandra L.G. - To see a ocean  Edna Louise J. P. responded to this answer with her own-I have the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean 1 and 1/2 hours either way from me to beaches. (Sounds like she's in the right spot!)

So those are a few of the responses...what's on your summer bucket list?

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