Monday afternoon I asked you to fill in the blank to this question. I don't understand why Sedalia has so many ____________.

Most of your answers focused on the types of businesses and restaurants that Sedalia has a lot of. Of course, some people didn't think of the question that way.  David, Darla, and Candice referenced Sedalia's drug problem in their answers. Wayne and Danny took issue with the number of traffic lights throughout Sedalia. While Wendi mentioned all the intersections that don't have stop signs. Shaylen mentioned potholes and Krista mentioned garbage cans.

But the vast majority of responses had to do with business categories and restaurant categories. Sarah provided a laundry list of things she thought Sedalia had a lot of including title loan places, vape shops, liquor stores, fast food joints, pizza places, and tire stores. Some of these business categories were echoed by others, like AngnChuck, Brian, and Jimmie.

Other restaurant categories people mentioned included Chinese restaurants, taco joints/Mexican restaurants, car dealers, and even Subway sandwich shops.

How I interpret this question is that if you don't understand why Sedalia has so many "X". You probably think we don't need as many "X" as we have. And that's probably not true. Because if we have too many of "X", then I would think some of "X" would go away because whatever "X" is, wouldn't be making enough money to survive.

And some of these business categories, let's face it, people would complain about anywhere. Every place has too many fast food places, car dealers, and pizza joints. Doesn't matter if it's Sedalia, Warrensburg, Lee's Summit, or Overland Park.

Keep reading for a list of things we might have too many of in Sedalia.

There Are Too Many Of These Things Here In Sedalia

I recently asked you to fill in the blank... I don't understand why Sedalia has so many______. And you pointed out some of the things we have a lot of. Most of these are businesses and restaurants. So take a look at what you told us and let me know, do we have too many of these places? Or is variety the spice of life?

19 Things You Say Sedalia Needs

I recently asked the question, what doesn't Sedalia need any more of? While the overall tenor of the conversation determined that Sedalia didn't need any more fast food places or gas stations. The conversation soon turned to what people want in Sedalia. And among the items were a couple of fast food places, restaurants, and entertainment options. Here are 19 things you told us you want in Sedalia.

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