It started back before Labor Day, the shelves were lined with candy. It was the beginning of a four month run for the confectioners. Valentine's Day is today, so do you have any of the Christmas candy left and if you do, will you finish off that holiday candy or chuck it in the trash and head to the store for a new batch of candy? I was just walking through the front reception area of our station and I noticed that someone had stocked our candy bowl with a new supply of candy. Now there was still a bevy of chocolate and hard candies for our visitors and employees but most of these were holdovers from Christmas. Now it's Valentine's Day candy. How could I tell?  The packaging was a different color.

It's easy to tell what the different holidays are upcoming due to the candy wrappers. Halloween-Orange...Thanksgiving-Tan...Christmas-Red...Valentines-Pink...Easter-Yellow...Fourth of July...Red, White & Blue. 

So, what color is the packaging of the candy at your house?

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